About PhotonicsNL

PhotonicsNL is the national association for Photonics and Optics in the Netherlands

Our mission

  • stimulate photonics and optics innovation and economic activity

Our vision

  • Enabling collaborations and cross-fertilization in the photonics value chain.
  • Propagating the importance of photonics for our economy and in all levels of education.
  • Promoting the national photonics community in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our strategy

  • Organizing networking, knowledge and matchmaking events.
  • Participating in international trade missions.
  • Creating links between our members.
  • Collaborating in European Projects and with other national clusters.

Putting light to work

Photonics and Optics provide tools and solutions to every industry in the Netherlands and worldwide. Photonics-based innovations have fundamentally changed the way we live, work and play and will continue to do so.

Light is fast, precise and clean – three unique and highly useful properties that make photonics suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.

In short: Photonics is the technology of harnessing light to benefit humankind

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