Photonics start-ups in The Netherlands

Dutch Photonics Start-ups @ Photonics West 2022

Dutch Photonics start-ups

A significant number of high quality photonics start-ups are entering the market in the Netherlands. They build up or expand manufacturing and commercialise photonics innovation.

The Dutch start-ups are using Photonics technologies to create and launch new exciting products in various application domains such as Health, AgroFood, Security & Defence, Smart mobility, etc. All together transforming the traditional industrial base.

Together with our partners we want to provide the start-ups valuable information and opportunities to connect to the photonics ecosystem.

At our Holland High Tech pavilion at PhotonicsWest you can get in contact with the following Dutch start-ups:

SMART Manufacturing of Optics

Booth #5211

Contact person: Lucas Klamer

Addoptics manufactures custom optical components by combining 3D-printing technologies and optical casting. Addoptics offers prototype optics for fast-paced development teams based on their designs and wishes. Addoptics prides itself in their fast lead-time, being able to turn any optical design into optics and delivering them within just 6 days and scale to series-production.

Addoptics provides manufacturing of optics as a service for fast-paced development teams. Teams that face tight deadlines, have short development cycles, and have to assemble their final product as soon as possible.

Addoptics makes their prototype optics to match the fast development of these teams. Addoptics value proposition is to increase its clients’ efficiency and make them more successful. Clients communicate their latest digital (CAD) designs to the engineering team of Addoptics. After receiving the digital design, the Addoptics engineers make sure that the rders are delivered right away. Addoptics is currently able to deliver a small batch of up to 100 pieces within six days.


The Power of near-infrared spectroscopy on a chip

Booth #5211

Contact person: Maurangelo Petruzzella

MantiSpectra is a spinoff of the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) providing spectral sensors capable of classifying and quantifying material composition just using light.

Our core technology is based on highperformance detectors having selective wavelengths in the near-infrared region (850 -1700 nm). We have developed a standalone spectral module, the SpectraPod™, that allows users to take measurements and build predictive models exploiting advanced machine learning algorithms.

At MantiSpectra, we believe that integrating spectroscopy at a wafer level will open up new applications where volume is key: from quality measurements in agriculture and raw material identification in recycling to mobile healthcare and chemical analysis in consumer devices, pervading soon our everyday life.


The new alignment stage for fiber arrays…. when every fiber matters!

Booth #5211

Contact person: Simone Cardarelli

MicroAlign is developing a revolutionary alignment solution to optimally connect multiple optical fibers and photonic integrated chips. The connection of optical fibers and photonic chips has always been an exhausting operation, and MicroAlign’s task is to provide a micro-positioning stage capable of relaxing the involved strict alignment tolerances.

MicroAlign technology aims to optimize the quality of each optical fiber-to-chip connection, for tens of optical fibers and with sub-micrometer accuracy, by means of a novel micro-electromechanical system. The alignment method offered by MicroAlign has potential impact in the Photonic manufacturing world for a number of applications ranging from DATACOM, sensing, LIDAR, up to infra-red communication.