Photonics West 2020

At Photonics West 2020, being held from 1 – 6 February 2020 in San Francisco, USA the Netherlands will be represented with a Holland Avenue, in the North Hall on an A-location with 12 booths, including 2 corner stands. Booths #5244 – #5255 have been reserved for us. On the floor plan you can find the exact location of the Holland Avenue.

Almost all booths already are reserved. At this moment there are only 3 rowstands left.
We are happy to announce the next participants: LioniX International (#5244), SmartPhotonics (#5245), PHIX Photonics Assembly (#5246), NTS Optel (#5249), Dutch United Instruments (#5251), Dutch Optics Center (5253) and Louwershanique (#5255). 

Like the 2019 edition we will plan different activities during the show. We will keep you updated about these activities

Are you interested in taking part in the Holland Avenue at the 2020 edition? Please send us an email and we will we be delighted to have you in our Holland Avenue!

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