Photonics4AgriFood 2019

Overview and opportunities for optical innovations in AgriFood

In follow up of our ÉPRISE Roadshow in Amsterdam we sensed a great interest in Photonics for Agriculture and Food. And it is absolutely essential to involve end users in future activities. Also in the Photonics21 project called NextPho21, a major goal is to bring together the photonics community and end users for which we want to make clear the importance of photonics for all kinds of solutions. On that account we organize a Photonics Workshop where end users already are present, in this case the AgriFoodTech Event.

On 11 & 12 December the AgriFoodTech Event will take place in Den Bosch. The innovations within the Agriculture and Food sector take place rapidly with only a few targets: feed the world permanently, deal with shortage and respond to the changing food chain. During the AgriFoodTech it is about new technology for the Agriculture and Food industry.

As an important player in the AgriFood industry Dutch Optics Centre is our partner organizer of this workshop on 12 December, from 10.00 – 12.59 hrs, in which we will make an inventory of the challenges for optics in this sector. Especially coming to mind are the challenges concerning the measuring or controlling of soil quality, the growing of crops and the quality of (end) products. In many ways this connects to many parts of the so called Knowledge Agenda of the Topsector Agri&Food.

Together with all parties, industry companies, DOC, WUR, RVO and LTO we set up a program to deal with these sector wide challenges. We will also look for solutions from other sectors to implement in the AgriFood sector. 

We welcome you on 12 December in Den Bosch to join this workshop and contribute actively!

We welcome you on 12 December in Den Bosch to join this workshop and contribute actively!