Dutch French Innovation Mission 2021 - 2022

Reason of this innovation mission

In Europe Photonics is seen as one of the essential key technologies for the digital transformation and the green transition of Europe. France and the Netherlands play important roles in these transformations with top positions in Europe, in Photonics production and Photonics employees.

Both countries want to learn from each other, look for common economic benefits and technical/research challenges in the field of photonic technologies and stay a frontrunner thanks to new photonics enabled innovations.

A one year innovation event

From now on and up to October 2022 a series of events will be organized by PhotonicsNL (together with PhotonDelta and Dutch Optics Centre) in collaboration with our Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Dutch Innovation Attaches at the Embassy in Paris.

The 6 most important photonics entities in France will be our partners during this innovation event: Photonics France, Photonics Bretagne, Pole Optitec, ALPHA RLH, Systematic and Minalogic.

In September and October we launch the digital innovation and matchmaking platform and we start with a few webinars on specific photonic applications and/or photonics technologies followed by an innovation mission to Paris in November.

After the innovation mission we continue setting up various valuable moments together with our French counterparts, their members and (potential) end users. We will jointly organize activities (e.g. trainings, workshops, exhibitions, seminars and conferences) and join participation in branch trade fairs of the regions and other fairs of international reach.

Who should participate

– Photonic Companies, institutes/universities interested in photonics technology development and research

– Industrial stakeholders looking for new (photonic) enabled technologies in applications in France and the Netherlands.

– Companies, SMEs, start-ups, clusters and associations as well as research institutes, universities and policy makers who are interested to establish and play an active part in this cooperation.


• work together on cross-border solutions in photonics

• get in contact with new research and business partners and explore business & technological developments

• exchange views and share experiences at European level

Digital innovation and matchmaking platform

This total event aims for a broad collaborative approach, it is therefore our pleasure to invite you soon to participate in our digital innovation and matchmaking platform. After the launch, the innovation matchmaking platform will stay open for a longer period of time. Apart from specific events the platform will provide an excellent networking opportunity by offering the possibility to get in contact with new research and business partners as well as explore and identify business opportunities.

The digital platform is also a marketplace, where supply and demand from Dutch and French partners can be matched.

It would be particularly interesting to match available technology with application needs. Therefore, you are invited to present what you can offer and what you are looking for specifically.

Do you want more information about this innovation mission send an e-mail to: