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Welcome to our new member PHOTON IP

3 September - We welcome PHOTON IP as our new member.
PHOTON IP is a deeptech startup based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, developing cutting edge technologies for advanced photonics applications.
We look forward to a succesfull collaboration!

Welcome to our new member Sensing360

29 August - We are very happy that Sensing360 joined as a new member.
Sensing360 provides optical sensor solutions for rotating assets improving reliability by design, availability by condition monitoring and efficiency by real-time optimization of the operation. We make optical sensor data into valuable operation data to push the boundaries of sustainable rotation.
Looking forward to a fruitfull teamwork!

Welcome to our new member ISTEQ

6 July - Welcome to ISTEQ as our new member.
ISTEQ is a high-tech company specializing in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products such as EUV and broadband light sources along with metrology equipment. We also provide a high temperature plasma simulation service. We are dedicated to listening to our customers’ demands and making alterations to suit their applications.
We are happy to have ISTEQ on board!

Welcome to our new member Photonis

5 July - We are happy to welcome Photonis as our new member.
Photonis is the global leader in the development and manufacture of ion, electron and photon detectors along with a broad range of critical technologies for analytical instruments and all mass spectrometry techniques. Their photonic solutions support spectroscopy applications with a broad choice of spectral response options. Their patented products provide superior lifetime and improved sensitivity so you will be the first to identify any unknown matter.
We are happy to have Photonis on board!

Welcome to our new member Hamamatsu Photonics Dutch Office

3 July - We welcome Hamamatsu Photonics - Dutch Office as our new member.
Hamamatsu Photonics is a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic detectors, light sources and systems. These include photomultipliers, photodiodes, infrared detectors, image sensors, highly sensitive cameras, laser diodes, discharge lamps, X-ray detectors and sources as well as special systems for semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical development, non-destructive testing and academic research.
We look forward to work with Hamamatsu Photonics!

Golden Sponsors of the DutchPhotonicsEvent 2022

1 July - We're happy to announce the Golden Sponsors of the DutchPhotonicsEvent 2022, on 21 september at ASML. Meet Admesy, Laser 2000, QuiX Quantum, Te Lintelo Systems.
Meet them on the DutchPhotonicsEvent website!

Welcome to our new member IMEC Netherlands

6 June - We welcome IMEC Netherlands as our new member.
At imec The Netherlands it is their mission to develop targeted innovations with real impact on people’s lives. Here, imec joins forces with research institutions, governments and businesses to leverage its world-leading R&D for high-impact projects in nano- and digital technology.
We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

We're hiring

20 May - We are facing new challenges, we therefore are looking for an Event Manager/Community Builder to strengthen our team. Are you the one we are looking for? Check your potential new position now!

PhotonDelta Lands €1.1 Billion To Usher in a New Generation of Semiconductor Technology

14 April - Eindhoven, Netherlands - PhotonDelta, a cross-border ecosystem of photonic chip technology organisations, has, subject to conditions*, landed €1.1 billion in public and private investment to transform the Netherlands into the leader of next generation semiconductors.
Read the complete article here.

Welcome to our new member Edmund Optics

6 April - We are happy with our new member Edmund Optics, a leading supplier of precision optics and optical components since 1942, designing and manufacturing a wide array of multi-element optical lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and optomechanical equipment.
We look forward to working with them!

Welcome to our new member Rapid Photonics

4 april - Welcome to Rapid Photonics. They want to revolutionize the development and application of Photonic Integrated Circuits by enabling fast production services of Polymer PICs. Their unique production technology enables PIC developers to execute design iterations in a matter of weeks and at affordable cost.
We are happy to have them on board!

Welcome to our new member SEDI ATI

10 January - We welcome our new member SEDI ATI fibres optiques. They are specialized in the design and manufacturing of multimode fiber-optic assemblies for custom, complex and extreme environments. The headquarters are settled near Paris (sales, R&D and production) and a sales office is based in Amsterdam. The company serves demanding markets such as the energy, the industry, the research, the military, space, and medical markets. Based on strong relationships with the customers, SEDI-ATI delivers fiber-optic assemblies such as bundles and arrays for spectrometry applications, highly achromatic multimode couplers for sensing and metrology applications, wavelength division multiplexers with a custom dichroic filter for optopyrotechnics or fluorescence detection, pressure and vacuum fiber-optic hermetic feedthroughs, special patch cords, cables, and connectors, as well as medical probes. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.
We are very pleased to have them on board!

Welcome to our new member Optics11

1 September - We are very pleased to announce our new member Optics11. Optics11 offers state-of-art fiber optic sensing systems with unmatched performance. We provide turn key system solutions (sensors/readouts/software/
interfaces/connections) for applications in condition monitoring, SHM, underwater acoustics, and more.
We look forward to a pleasant colaboration!

Launch of the Digital Innovation and Matchmaking Platform

28 August 2021 - The first first step in our Dutch French innovation mission is the Launch of the Digital Innovation and Matchmaking Platform. This platform provides an excellent networking opportunity between all Dutch and French stakeholders, by offering the possibility to get in contact with new research and business partners as well as explore and identify business opportunities. The digital platform is also a marketplace, where supply and demand from Dutch and French partners is matched.
Participate on this platform and find your partner!

Welcome to our new member MicroAlign

16 August 2021 - We are very happy to announce our new member MicroAlign. MicroAlign is developing a revolutionary alignment solution to optimally connect multiple optical fibers and photonic integrated chips. The alignment method offered by MicroAlign has potential impact in the Photonic manufacturing world for a number of applications ranging from DATACOM, sensing, LIDAR, up to infra-red communication.
Their website will be live soon!

State visit Royal Couple to Berlin

8 July 2021 - We were very honoured to have been part of the state visit of the Royal Couple to Germany this week. Highlight of the morning program on Wednesday was to boost the collaboration in photonics between Germany and the Netherlands, witnessed by Our Majesty the King Willem-Alexander and Majesty the Queen Máxima and by many delegates of the German and Dutch government. And of course by the photonic key figures of both countries.
Read more details about this special event.

Innovation mission France

1 July 2021 - Europe Photonics is seen as one of the essential key technologies for the digital transformation and the green transition of Europe. France and the Netherlands play important roles in these transformations with top positions in Europe, in Photonics production and Photonics employees.
Read more about this one year innovation event.

New logo for PhotonicsNL

15 June 2021 - Admire our new colourful logo!

Yearly General Assembly of Members

1 June 2021 - On Thursday 1 July we invite our members to join the online yearly General Assembly of Members. This meeting is for members only.
Registration is necessary.

IDEX Optics Technologies new member

1 March 2021 - We welcome our new member IDEX Optical Technologies B.V. They are a platform of IDEX Corporation, is made up of their renowned brands Advanced Thin Films, CVI Laser Optics, and CVI Infrared Optics. They fuel the discovery of possibilities by generating unparalleled technology that helps inspire breakthrough thinking, drive innovation that touches our communities, and improves lives. As trailblazers of optics, they’re focused on the future of controlled light to identify, execute, and deliver full spectrum of targeted end-to-end solutions.
We look forward working with IDEX!

Fontys is looking for SMEs who want to participate in the project ‘Pilot Innovatietraineeship’

27 November 2020 - Are you an innovative SME? Do you want support from and cooperation with Fontys Hogescholen? And do you want to get in touch with high-potential graduates? Then participation in the Innovation Traineeship pilot might be something for you.
The aim of the innovation traineeship is to increase the innovation capacity of SMEs and to strengthen the research relationship between Fontys and SMEs. An innovation trainee (graduate of Fontys Hogescholen) conducts practice-oriented research at an SME company for 1.5 years, first six months as a graduate and after graduation as an employee of the company. The trainee is supervised throughout the research at Fontys.
Start of this project is February 2021 and will end in September 2022. Are you interested?

Read this document
(in Dutch) for more information and to get in contact with Fontys Hogescholen.

New member: Addoptics

20 November 2020 - We welcome our new member Addoptics B.V. In September 2018, Joris Biskop and Lucas Klamer founded Addoptics; a high-tech company offering flexible manufacturing service for prototyping and series production of custom optics. Addoptics reduces the manufacturing time from 6 weeks to 6 days, by means of an innovative approach that revolves around 3D printing and vacuum casting technology. Not only does this make custom optics manufacturing cost effective but also closer to achieving environmental sustainability within this field. In March 2020 Addoptics formed its base, and started manufacturing in the BlueCity, Rotterdam. BlueCity is an international icon of the circular economy, a national platform for entrepreneurs, and a very visible local accelerator that empowers entrepreneurs and inspires citizens.

We look forward to a long term collaboration!

Check the programs of the webinars

13 November 2020 - We are proud to present the programs of the two webinars that are part of the DutchPhotonicsEvent. On 24 November we will start with 'Photonics against COVID-19'. at 15:00. On 8 December followed by 'Photonics for Agrifood'.
There are more webinars planned in January & February 2021. Registration is still possible.

We look forward 'seeing' you there!

New member: QuiX

24 September 2020 - We welcome our new member: QuiX. They offer a plug-and-play integrated and reconfigurable light-based quantum processor that accelerates the way to a quantum future. They offer both integrated photonic processors and bespoke integrated devices for quantum photonics, based on the proprietary TriPleX platform.

We look forward to an engaging collaboration!

DutchPhotonicsEvent goes online

21 September 2020 - Due to the developments of COVID-19 we had to postpone the yearly DutchPhotonicsEvent. However, we still want to connect the photonics eco-system at an event. We almost sorted out the options for a digital event. We will inform you soon how we will set up this event.

Keep an eye on your mailbox!

Vacancies @ PhotonicsNL

4 September 2020 - For our association we are looking for:
Secretary of the Board: Our association is constantly active in different areas. Our Board is actively involved in our endeavours and they also play an important role as a supervisor. As we are growing we now have a vacant position in our Board of a secretary. Silvania Pereira, our current secretary, has been allocated the portfolio of education.
Are you concerned with PhotonicsNL and would you like to complete our Board again? Please send an e-mail to Benno Oderkerk (

Event Manager/Community Builder In these turbulent times PhotonicsNL faces new challenges. These challenges ask for more visibility, online, physically and via social media. We therefore are looking for an Event Manager/Community Builder to strengthen our team. Will you be our new enthusiastic, passionate colleague?
We look forward to work with you! Check this vacancy now.

General Assembly of Members

25 August 2020 - We invite our members to join the General Assembly of Members on Wednesday 9 September, on 14:00. For the safety of all of us it will be an online meeting.

Register now and look back and forward to all activities of PhotonicsNL.

New member: Salland Engineering

5 June 2020 - Salland Engineering is the leading Test Technology and Engineering partner for Semiconductor Test and Test & Measurement Solutions. The unique combination of expertise & knowhow in Test Applications, Instrument Solution development and Supply Chain & Test services enables customers to reach their targets in terms of quality & throughput and will assist them to bring their products cost effectively into the market. Salland Engineering is well recognized for its Mixed Signal, RF and High Speed applications/solutions as well as High Density test solutions. Salland Engineering is headquartered in Zwolle - The Netherlands since 1992, ISO 9001:2015 certified and operates worldwide.

Notice on current situation during COVID-19

14 April 2020 - In these surrealistic times where COVID-19 seems to control the world, it is important to keep communicating. Now that most of our daily lives have come to a halt, everyday life needed to be rearranged and working spaces have been moved homewards, we guess most of..... the complete text.

Looking back Photonics West

8 February 2020 - Photonics West 2020 has been a huge success, thanks to the prominent Holland Avenue and the Dutch exhibitors and visitors. Good business trades have been done, there were nice networking events and, of course, the location was very pleasant.
Take a look at the overview of this event.

New member: Nedinsco

15 January 2020 - Nedinsco was founded in 1921 by Carl Zeiss Jena, who at that time had already been the world leader in precision optics for more than a century. This meant that Nedinsco was already very much at the forefront of the international optomechatronic industry. With almost 100 years of experience and expertise of its own, Nedinsco has developed the knowledge advantage from which you can reap the benefits today. Nedinsco delivers high-performance optomechatronics solutions for numerous international customers with specific requirements in the following industries: Semicon, Space, Industrial and Defence.

Job opening @ PhotonicsNL

15 October 2019 - Are you our new enthusiastic, passionate colleague? We are looking for an Event Manager / Community builder to strengthen our team. We look forward to work with you!

Welcome to DUI

20 September 2019 - Welcome to our new member Dutch United Instruments. DUI develops, manufactures and delivers innovative ultra-precision asphere & freeform optics metrology instruments. DUI is privately owned, is bringing TNO’s NANOMEFOS technology to the workshop floor, their instruments are manufactured and qualified in the Netherlands, they are located in Delft, the Netherlands.
We look forward working with DUI!

Looking back to a fantastic DutchPhotonicsEvent

11 September 2019 - Yesterday the photonics community made the DutchPhotonicsEvent to a huge success! Thanks to the hospitality of the TU Delft we had a fantastic location for all the activities organized for this day. We thank all the visitors, speakers and exhibitors for making this day so successful!
On the website you will find the buttons to the presentations of the speakers and to a photo impression of the day.

Erik Ham new board member

9 September 2019 - In Erik Ham we found a very good successor for Bart Snijders. Erik works at DutchOpticsCentre and has a long history in photonics. We believe that his position in the board will be a great complement.
Welcome Erik, we look forward working with you!

Bart Snijders leaving as board member

9 September 2019 - Bart has been a board member of PhotonicsNL for more than 20 years. After so many years it was inevitable that he had to change seats.
He started at the association when it still was named Photonics Cluster Netherlands (PCN).
Together with Guus Taminiau (the former director of PhotoncisNL) he was one of the founding fathers of photonics in the Netherlands. Partly thanks to their work and effort photonics and PhotonicsNL are what they are now.
If you look carefully at the picture you see that Bart is holding in his hand one of the first editions of the Fotonica Magazine. Our magazine also has a long history.
Thank you Bart for your dedication, input, inspiration and joy during all these years! We won't entire lose sight of him, as we will still have a close collaboration with Bart and DOC in the future.

New member: Philips Innovation Services

5 September 2019 - We welcome our new member Philips Innovation Services. Turning their brilliant ideas into working innovations that make life better is their drive and their deliverable. How? By tapping into a huge pool of tools, methods, expertise and experience, and bringing together exactly what is needed to optimally solve each specific challenge along the way. The result? Innovation that works – in every sense of the word.

New member: Promis Electro Optics

13 August 2019 - We are pleased to announce our new member Promis Electro Optics. PEO (electro optics | radiation | technology | security) is a technically specialized trading company focused on the detection of radiation, light, position and color. PEO contributes to the safety and development of our society by providing innovative and high-quality solutions in the medical, industrial and safety sector.

Final program DutchPhotonicsEvent

17 July 2019 - The conference program for the DutchPhotonicsEvent in Delft on 10 September is final! Take a look at it and at the numerous other inspiring activities. Visit the website and we welcome you on 10 September!

Welcome to Louwershanique

30 June 2019 - We welcome our new member Louwershanique. They have offered high quality and advanced total-solutions with respect of technical glass, ceramics and special material combinations for more than 60 years. As their customer, you can benefit greatly from our vast knowledge and experience at the highest quality level.
We look forward to a nice collaboration with Louwershanique!

Horizon Europe

23 June 2019 - Photonics Industry ready to invest up to €100 billion in R&I to work with the European Commission in a new Public Private Partnership in Horizon Europe 2021-2027.
Read the press release here.

We welcome our new member perClass BV

15 April 2019 - We are very happy to welcome our new member perClass BV.
PerClass® software enables anyone to build practical machine learning solutions.‍ Over the last 10 years it has been used in the most demanding industrial projects and cutting-edge academic research.
We look forward working with perClass!

Fantastic Day of Photonics at Avantes

9 May 2019 - Our first Day of Photonics of this year took place on 9 May where our host was Avantes in Apeldoorn, who celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. Avantes organized a fantastic day. During the morning program they gave us an insight in the company of Avantes by telling us the story lines on how they approach their innovative activities, from Research & Development to their production processes and actual applications in various markets. After a very tasteful lunch we continued with the afternoon program with three tours through these main departments. It was fascinating to have a look backstage and see the way of working of Avantes that made them grow to the size they are today. Included in the tours was a visit to the experience centre where we got to see various applications in real life.


New member Molenaar Optics

1 May 2019 - We welcome our new member Molenaar Optics. Founded in 1994, Molenaar Optics is a globally active corporation in advanced optical technology products and engineering solutions for fields including research, life & health science, aerospace & defence, automotive, industrial manufacturing, food processing, semiconductors and microelectronics.
We look forward to a nice cooperation with Molenaar Optics!

New member Somni Solutions

27 April 2019 - We welcome our new member Somni Solutions. Over the past years the Somni team has developed various Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors tailored to the specific applications of their customers, among others: pressure sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, tilt sensors and hydrophones.
We look forward working with Somni Solutions!

New member Delta Diagnostics

17 April 2019 - We welcome our new member Delta Diagnostics. Delta Diagnostics was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from TNO – The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. It will commercialize the patented biosensor technology that has been developed at TNO over the last 5 years.
We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

PEO press release

4 April 2019 - Promis Electro Optics introduces their new accountmanager Jos Quaedflieg.

Read the press release (in Dutch).

EPRISE roadshow Amsterdam very well visited

16 February 2019 - With over 100 visitors in the Royal Tropic Institute in Amsterdam we look back to a very successful roadshow. The presentations were of high quality, the B2B networking was a huge success and the interaction between the visitors was superb. We thank all the speakers and visitors for their input!

Very successful Holland Avenue at Photonics West

8 February 2019 - The Holland Avenue at Photonics West in San Francisco last week has been a huge success. Due to the
enormous number of visitors and the many Dutch activities that were organized we look back with a good sense.
Meanwhile we already look forward to the 2020 edition where the Holland Avenue will be present with 12 booths.

Very inspiring Day of Photonics

28 November 2018 - Looking back to a very informative Day of Photonics led by the enthusiastic professionals of Phillips Research.
Thanks for your hospitality and see you all next year!

Somni and TNO conclude licence agreement for use of patents

27 November 2018 - Somni Corporation B.V. and research institute TNO today signed an agreement that allows Somni to use TNO patents for new, innovative fibre-optic sensors.

Download the press release here.

New member: Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente

12 October 2018 - Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente is our newest member. They support industry in application-oriented system solutions covering from product development, production processes and maintenance to digital designs and factories.

We look forward working with them!

New member: PHIX Photonics Assembly

27 September 2018 - Our newest member, PHIX Photonics Assembly, is a start-up located in Enschede. PHIX supplies the photonics industry with assembly and packaging services for Photonics Integrated Circuits. The main challenge for combining the PIC platforms is in the hybrid integration of the various PICs in one package. The main focus of PHIX is to supply PIC manufacturers for assembly of their PICs and package them into qualified modules for their OEM customers.

We look forward to a pleasant collaboration!

Latest booths available for Photonics West 2019

11 September 2018 - With just a few booths available our Holland Avenue at PhotonicsWest 2019 is about to be completely filled. Increase your visibility at the world’s largest annual photonics technologies event.

Please contact us for reserving the last booths.

'Nationale Agenda Fotonica' new boost for Dutch industrial sector

13 July 2018 - Today the 'Nationale Agenda Fotonica' (National Agenda Photonics) has been presented to the State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate, Mona Keijzer by Benno Oderkerk, chair of PhotonicsNL. This agenda came about in cooperation with PhotonicsNL, DOC and PhotonDelta.

On the page 'Photonics in the Netherlands' you can read more and download the Dutch and English versions of the NAF.

Magic Micro acquires majority share in LioniX International

3 July 2018 - Magic Micro, a Kosdaq-listed South Korean electronic component company, has acquired a majority share of 75% in LioniX International, one of our members.

Read the press release on the website of LioniX International.

Welcome to our new member Sumipro BV

2 July 2018 - Sumipro BV is our next new member and we are very delighted that they are part of our association now. Sumipro have their office in Almelo. They are a manufacturer of custom made high precision optics.

Take a look at Sumipro's website.

Very successful Photonics Event 2019

20 June 2018 - One day after the event we look back to a very successful Photonics Event. With The Gallery at Kennispark Twente as a perfect place to have this event taken place there was a cozy atmosphere and much activity in the different rooms where the various program was being held.
We thank all the speakers, exhibitors, participants, and visitors and we hope to see them again at our 2019 edition!

Twente company first of its kind in photonic chip production

19 June 2018 - With the realization of a packaging machine for fiber arrays in Twente the photonic industry is a big step further on its way to mass production and assembly of chips. Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente and PHIX Photonics Assembly have been working together in developing the technology for this machine.
Read more in the press release.

NTS Optel new member

27 April 2018 - We are very happy to welcome our new member NTS Optel BV. NTS Optel is based in Nijmegen and is specialized in providing customized high-tech solutions that involve optical elements.

Visit them on the website of NTS Optel.

Annual Synopsys PIC Training

26 April 2018 - PhoeniX/Synopsis are host of the newest PIC training. Get an overview of the latest status of the integrated photonics eco-system for the three major photonics technologies: InP, silicon photonics and TriPleX (SiN), including the available design tools today and the importance of considering test and packaging in an early stage.

Read more on the website of PhoeniX Software.

PhotonicsNL website renewed

19 April 2018 - This year PhotonicsNL celebrates her 5th anniversary. 5 years in which photonics has become more and more important. 5 years of big challenges and changes. We therefore updated our website completely. And we are very proud of the result!
As you will see our members are involved as well. Share your news, vacancies and social media messages on our website. Together we can expand our website and network from here.

Pupils win international GLOBE prize

8 April 2018 - On 6 April pupils of Helen Parkhurst in Almere have been selected by the international GLOBE program as the winners of the yearly Virtual Science Symposium. They will receive financial assistance to join the GLOBE Learning Expedition in Ireland in July. They will present their research about the influence of firework on the aerosol concentration in the air to an international audience of pupils, teachers and scientists.

New board members PhotonicsNL

4 April 2018 - During our General Member Meeting of 3 April our members have chosen two new board members. We welcome Steven Goetstouwers of Admesy and Ewit Roos of Photon Delta to the board. They are very enthusiastic about joining the board and we wish them a valuable time with us.

Very successful Day of Photonics

3 April 2018 - Hosted by Radboud University our first Day of Photonics of 2018 has been a huge success. Starting the day with different presentations about the work of the university. After a very delicious lunch we were shown around in the interiors of the diverse labs Radboud University features. Thanks to colleagues, their students and PhD's it's been a very inspiring day!

New member: PI Benelux

30 March 2018 - We welcome our new member PI Benelux.
PI stands for technical excellence and continuous advance in precision positioning – driven by the passion for technology and its use in customer applications. The target of the PI Group is to develop this market and technological leadership even further and therefore secure a decisive competitive advantage for its customers.

Take a look on the website of PI Benelux.

New Director PhotonicsNL

2 January 2018 - May we introduce you to our new director: Ron van der Kolk. Ron will start today at PhotonicsNL and will succeed Guus Taminiau, who will retire in advance on 1 March.  

After having studied Business Information Technology at the University of Twente he worked in several companies in marketing, strategy, managing and professionalizing of teams and optimizing business processes. Within his role as director of our association he wants to combine this knowledge and experience with his passion for (new) technology.

We wish Ron a pleasant time at PhotonicsNL!