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Minverva Prize

6 September 2021 - The new version of the Minerva Prize is a joint award by the DPC and NNV with the aim to support gender diversity in the Dutch physics community. This € 5,000 prize is awarded to an outstanding young female or non-binary physicist in the Netherlands with an overall performance that scientifically excels in any subfield of physics. Both experimental and theoretical scientific physics research carried out at Dutch universities, research institutes (incl. TO2 institutes), university medical centers, or at universities of applied sciences are taken into account.
More information about the prize and its procedure on this website.

Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa thesis prize

6 September 2021 - The Dutch Physics Council (DPC) is proud to have opened the second edition of the Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa thesis prize. The € 5,000 award recognizes an outstanding PhD thesis in the field of physics, defended at a Dutch university in the previous year (1 Sept 2020 – 31 August 2021).
More information and detailed instructions on this website.

QuiX delivers its processor to Germany!

5 August 2021 - QuiX Quantum, the worldwide market leader in quantum photonic processors, has delivered a 12-mode quantum photonic processor to Germany, for a collaboration with researchers from Paderborn University. This photonic processor is the most powerful in the world. ion monitoring, SHM, underwater acoustics, and more.
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French quantum industry chooses photonics –
QuiX delivers!

19 May 2021 - QuiX, the Twente-based worldwide market leader in quantum photonic processors, has sold one of its devices to Quandela, the leading French quantum technologies firm. With this purchase, Quandela anticipates the French national quantum technologies program that was recently announced by president Macron, which will include a strong photonics component.
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PHIX start Qmode project with QuiX

21 April 2021 - PHIX and QuiX started a collaboration in this project to overcome the packaging challenges of connecting large-scale quantum photonic processors to the outside world. QuiX and PHIX work together to connect a large quantum photonic processor of ≥ 50 input/output modes to the outside world, requiring new techniques in integrated photonics packaging and assembly.
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Quix makes first sale

1 April 2021 - QuiX, the Dutch quantum photonics company, announced that it has sold its first quantum photonic processor. The customer is Qontrol, a quantum technologies company from the UK. QuiX provides unique quantum photonic processors that are not only large-scale and fully reconfigurable but also low loss and widely transparent to all suitable quantum light sources.
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PhotonFirst is born from Technobis IPS

1 January 2021 - To enable fast and focused growth, the integrated photonics sensing activities of Technobis will change their name to PhotonFirst and operate independently from its ‘mothership’ Technobis Group as of January 1st. Daan Kersten will be heading PhotonFirst as its first CEO. As he announced when he joined the team three months ago, the photonics activities will be expanded aggressively, both in scope and size, as well as geographically. Besides the renowned interrogator systems, PhotonFirst will expand its value chain position to include sensors and application development, essential to be able to offer end-to- end solutions to its worldwide customer base. The company will continue to focus on demanding end markets like aerospace, medical, mobility and high-tech equipment, where innovation is key to stay in the lead.
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PHIX welcomes new investor PhotonDelta

7 October 2020 - With the addition of PhotonDelta as a shareholder, PHIX further secures its position as a leading packaging and assembly foundry within the European integrated photonics ecosystem. PhotonDelta also provides PHIX with long term financing for equipment purchases necessary to ramp up production of optoelectronic modules.
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ficonTEC and PHIX partner to enable high-volume manufacturing of multi-chip photonic modules

30 September 2020 - Dutch photonics packaging foundry PHIX BV and German machine manufacturer ficonTEC Service GmbH have combined their expertise in a symbiotic partnership. While ficonTEC is supplying PHIX with automated machine tools for hybrid chip-to-chip (chiplet) assembly using active alignment, PHIX is offering process development and contract manufacturing to ficonTEC customers. This easy access to flexible automated photonics assembly services and process knowledge allows for a seamless scale-up to high volumes.
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Avantes appoints new CEO

14 September 2020 - Avantes B.V., world leader in the field of spectroscopy, has appointed Pierre Warffemius as CEO as of September 14 2020. With this appointment, the international company enters a new phase in which the focus will be on continuous growth in additional products and markets.
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SMART Photonics secures €35m new funding

30 June 2020 - SMART Photonics is excited to announce a €35M Series C investment from a Dutch consortium led by Innovation Industries, that will help us to accelerate growth for photonic chip...
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Tjarko Bouman to succeed Marc Hendrikse as the CEO of the NTS-Group

25 May 2020 - Tjarko Bouman (49, photo) will become the CEO of the NTS-Group in Eindhoven on 1 August 2020. He will succeed the current CEO, Marc Hendrikse, who will leave the group on the same date. Tjarko Bouman has extensive experience of...
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Dutch photonics guarantees safety of new bridge in Genova

19 May 2020 - End of July the new bridge of Genova will be opened. With the finishing of the bridge, an important throughfare of Italy is restored. The safety of this bridge is, amongst others, guaranteed by photonic sensors of Dutch...
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Dutch industrial partners in integrated photonics collaborate on PICs in space

11 May 2020 - At the end of April, the Dutch consortia of the PhotonDelta Flagship project jointly kicked off the project. The project addresses the realization of a robust and versatile hybrid integrated photonics platform that provides...
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Te Lintelo Systems presents you the new ACS 570 UV calibration LED

11 May 2020 - The calibration LEDs of the ACS series offers traceable absolute calibration of their measuring instruments. The new UV calibration LED UV-ACS 570 makes this possible down to the deep UV range. Here you can...
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perClass Mira 2.2 release brings interactive visualization

29 April 2020 - perClass is happy to announce the new 2.2 release with new interactive visualization of spectral indices, per-pixel regression, and snapshot support in perClass Mira Runtime. perClass Mira 2.2 packs a large set of ....
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UNIIQ investment

28 April 2020 - DeltaDiagnostics is thrilled to announce a UNIIQ-investment of €200.000 in Delta Diagnostics! With this investment they are able to validate our prototype instrument and show, among others, rapid and quantitative detection of various biomarkers in a complex matrix. This is an important ....
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Leading Dutch biochip companies accelerate development of fast and reliable COVID-19 test

23 April 2020 - Surfix B.V., together with its shareholders Qurin Diagnostics B.V. and LioniX International B.V., already successfully developing bio-photonic nanochips for cancer detection and other applications, today announce an accelerated development plan to allow mass-scale COVID-19 diagnosis and immunity detection with the....
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PHIX Photonics Assembly secures funding from Innovation Industries and Oost NL

21 April 2020 - Before PICs can be incorporated into products, the chips need to be connected to other components, such as optical fibers, amplifiers and electronics, with great accuracy. This photonics assembly activity is the core competence of PHIX. PHIX is the photonic equivalent of the outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies known from the electronics industry. By acting as a back-end foundry service, the customers of PHIX do not need to invest in their own equipment and assembly processes. This enables...
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TEGEMA Leverages PI Technology in Revolutionary Photonics Assembly Platform Partnership

14 April 2020 - The Dutch system integrator TEGEMA and Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG have started a cooperation to develop automated systems for assembly and packaging technology in the photonics industry. Novus LightCompared to microchips, the production of integrated photonic components is...
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Applications for NIR Spectroscopy in Agriculture and Food Production

23 March 2020 - Demands for increased agricultural production and sustainable farming methods are always growing. Consumers demand high-quality, convenience, and diversity of...
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