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Offshore Solar Platform: 3 gigawatt peak (GWp) of solar power by 2030

9 January 2023 – The Offshore Solar Platform (POS) was officially launched on 1 January 2023. For now, the platform consists of a core group of Dutch companies whose ambition is the development and roll-out of offshore solar power, together with TNO.
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Dutch Consortium invests €3.5 million in LioniX International

9 January 2023 – A Dutch consortium led by Invest-NL and, and further consisting of Universiteit Twente Holding, Oost NL and PhotonDelta, invests €3.5 million in the growth ambitions of LioniX International, an Enschede based global leader in customized microsystem solutions. The consortium sees her investment in LioniX International as an illustration of its strong commitment to further strengthening the Dutch Deep Tech ecosystem and ChipTech Twente in particular.
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Addoptics to Debut Nano Polymer Lenses Fully Customizable Down to the Nanometer at CES 2023.

5 January 2023 – Addoptics, an industrial-quality optics company, today announced the official launch event for their beta of NanoOptics – high-tech, customizable lens shapes that can be prototyped and manufactured rapidly for any business utilizing complex microlenses. Unveiled today at CES 2023, the ultra-lightweight lenses are precise down to the nanometer level and provide meticulous optical clarity, produced with ultra-clear materials that hold up against temperature changes, UV impacts and scratching.insulators..
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Twente University: Nearly five million euros for research into chips, friction and stents

20 October 2022 - In November, UT is launching three public-private research projects in collaboration with the High-Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) top sector. These projects relate to chip design, friction and wear processes, and patient-specific stents. The total budget for these projects is 4.9 million euros and the projects have been initiated in the Top Technology Twente programme ‘Connecting Industries’.
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New Ocean HR2 spectrometer offers rapid acquisition speed and high thermal stability

17 October 2022 - Ocean Insight, the applied spectral knowledge company, introduces the Ocean HR2 spectrometer, a high resolution, configurable spectrometer that provides rapid acquisition speed and excellent thermal stability for applications ranging from plasma monitoring to pharmaceuticals analysis.
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QuiX Quantum wins €14 million contract with the German Aerospace Center to deliver a Universal Quantum Computer

23 September 2022 - Market leader for Photonic Quantum Processors, QuiX Quantum, will create a prototype Photonic Quantum Computer for the German Aerospace Center (DLR). This European company is the first ever to sell a Universal Quantum Computer based on photonics, worldwide.
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PHIX develops innovative packaging solutions for ultra-high speed hybrid PICs in PATTERN project

19 September 2022 - The Horizon Europe project PATTERN will develop the world’s first Process and Assembly Design Kits (PDK & ADK) for microwave photonics at ultra‐high frequencies (100+ GHz) as well as new methods or heterogeneous integration of III-V gain materials (e.g. InP) and BiCMOS drivers with electro-optic and nonlinear platforms such as lithium niobate on insulator (LNOI). It also envisions new and advanced PIC building blocks, such as acousto-optic modulators (AOMs) and magneto-optic insulators.
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Appointment of new Managing Director

13 September 2022 - LouwersHanique announces the appointment of Kees Verspaandonk as our Managing Director, effective from 1 September 2022. Kees has a strong technical background and vast experience in increasing operational performance and innovating products for further growth. In the past, he led Thomas Regout International and ABEO Group; in the latter company, Kees was in charge of 5 companies across the Benelux region.
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Global energy leader GE and PhotonFirst enter into partnership for development of transformer monitoring solutions

12 September 2022 - With a signing ceremony on the premises of GE’s Grid Solutions in Lisburn, GE and PhotonFirst announced a strategic technology collaboration. As the energy transition accelerates, reliability and optimization of key grid assets such as power and network transformers are critical, with real-time monitoring increasingly important to create smarter and safer grids. Fiber optical sensing based on integrated photonics offers exciting new opportunities to monitor the performance of transformers in a scalable, low-cost, robust and intelligent way.
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Nedinsco and Smart Delta announce strategic cooperation to develop a robust, high-end 360° camera system for mobile mapping applications

21 July 2022 – Smart Delta and Nedinsco announce a strategic cooperation for the development, production and after-sales service of a robust, high-end, modular 360° camera system, to be used for mobile mapping and other applications.
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SMART Photonics and TU/e enter into strategic partnership

21 July 2022 – SMART Photonics, an independent pure-play foundry producing high-end Photonic Integrated Circuits, and Eindhoven University of Technology (“TU/e”), a leading Dutch university in science and technology, today signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement. This strategic partnership is aimed at further strengthening the development of Indium Phosphide (InP) photonic integration technology and providing a smooth path of new technologies to end customers. Both SMART Photonics and TU/e are leading players in photonics and share the ambition to further develop the strong photonics ecosystem, putting Europe at the heart of this rapidly growing industry.
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New MicroAlign prototype available

18 July 2022 – Developing new technology is hard work. With the efforts of our team we have been evolving our technology at the speed of light, and we have now a working prototype where you can experience the benefits of our alignment method. The prototype also includes a sophisticated electronic controller and software for a simple use. Have you become curious? You don’t have to wait any longer, get in touch today and take advantage of the early bird evaluation where you will receive a discount on the prototype. While you already start using our alignment device we will continue working on bringing our technology to the next level.
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Cash Infusion For Photonics-Focused Biosensor Startup Delta Diagnostics

14 July 2022 – Biosensor R&D start-up Delta Diagnostics has received a seed investment from two leading innovators: research organisation TNO – The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research – and PhotonDelta, an ecosystem of photonic chip technology organisations. This investment enables Delta Diagnostics to further develop and validate its biosensor systems in preparation for a Series A investment round later this year. Read the complete news item here.

New website Delta Diagnostics

11 July 2022 – Start-up Delta Diagnostics has a fantastic new website!
Check it yourself!.

perClass joins Headwall Photonics

6 July 2022 – Headwall Photonics, a world-leader in high-performance hyperspectral imaging systems and OEM devices for applications in remote sensing and industrial machine vision including food quality/safety inspection, precision agriculture, and environmental monitoring, amongst others, announced today its strategic growth investment in perClass BV. perClass is the developer of the industry leading perClass Mira® spectral analysis software package, which integrates with various spectral sensors and enables intuitive spectral imaging analysis for advanced machine vision applications in research, industrial, and various commercial deployments.
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QuiX Quantum lands €5.5 million for development of world’s most powerful photonic quantum computer

6 July 2022 – The funding will take QuiX a step closer to creating the world’s most powerful photonic quantum computer. It also marks the first major investment by PhotonDelta since it secured €1.1 billion in investment to expand the Dutch photonics ecosystem.
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