European photonics projects

ÉPRISE – Empowering photonics

Together with our EU-partners from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland and the UK, PhotonicsNL is involved in this project on behalf of the Netherlands. This project was initiated by the EU-commission and is a result of the successful OASIS project, that ended May 2016. The EPRISE project is a 30-month coordination and started in January 2017.

Photonics for Life Science on a regional level

The ÉPRISE projectEmpowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe”, brings together nine leading photonics innovation clusters and national photonics platforms around Europe with the aim of supporting companies who use photonics to enter into four Life Sciences market sectors where Europe holds a leading position, namely, Medical Technologies, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and Food.

During the ÉPRISE project every partner will organize a roadshow. Take a look at the ÉPRISE calendar and see if one of the events will be meaningfull for your organization to join. 

After the kick-off at 9th February 2017 in Brussels there’s been sent out a press release from all partners.