European photonics projects


Photonics21 is the European Technology Platform for photonics and has more than 2300 members. The platform represents the European photonics community from industry and research organisations and develops the European photonics strategy for future research and innovation in Europe. Find any further information about Photonics21 on its website or follow the next links directly:

The European photonics strategy is developed by 7 workgroups:

You can click on the links that brings you directly to the Photonics21 website where you can find the detailled description of each workgroup and their activities.

Setting photonics research and innovation Prorities for the Horizon 2020 Work Programmes lies in the heart of the Photonics Public Private Partnership tasks. The Photonics21 Work Groups started the process to discuss about and define the photonics research and innovation priorities for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018 – 2020 at the Photonics Public Private Partnership Meeting 2016.

In the further process the Photonics21 work groups will hold follow-up workshops until summer 2016 to finalise the work group priorities until autumn 2016. As decision-making body the Photonics21 Board of Stakeholders will vote on the proposed work group research and innovation priorities in autumn 2016. The ranked priority list will be subject of implementation during the Photonics Partnership Board. In the further process the European Commission will propose a call text which will be fed back into the Partnership Board for final approval before the publication of the call text.

An overview of Photonics PPP Research and Innovation Priority Process for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018 – 2020 can be found here.