GLOBE Nederland

GLOBE Nederland helps scientists of amongst others NASA, KNMI, RIVM en Wageningen UR. Using GLOBE in the classroom – Research skills: By doing research that makes a contribution to research from institutes such as NASA, KNMI, RIVM and WUR, students become involved. – Internationalization: GLOBE offers many opportunities for exchange and cooperation with a network of 28.000 schools in 116 countries. – Environment and sustainability: Pupils explore soil, water, atmosphere and nature and thus learn to form an objective, scientifically founded opinion. By doing so, they become involved in challenges and opportunities related to the environment and sustainability. Partners GLOBE has been set up by NASA. The GLOBE Netherlands Foundation works together with KNMI, RIVM, Wageningen UR, Utrecht University and Leiden University. Goal Using Citizen Science (volunteers who work in research projects) as a means to interest high school students in science, nature, the environment, internationalization and sustainability.

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