Delft University of Technology

The culture of Delft University of Technology stimulates and supports ambitious and enterprising students and staff. They expect our students to take full advantage of the education they offer and the opportunity to work with their leading academics and world-class facilities.

Important for studying and working at TU Delft is:

  • Carry out their duties with commitment, transparency and integrity
  • Contribute to an inspiring work and study environment
  • Trust each other and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Encourage students to develop themselves not only academically but also personally 
  • They stand for academic freedom and foster an inclusive1 academic culture
  • They strive to uphold and further strengthen the brand of the ‘Delft engineer’
  • They  share their knowledge with alumni, scientists and other learners all over the world and let these connections inspire them

Delft University of Technology is one of the three Dutch universities where photonics is being offered as a main study.