Photonics in The Netherlands


Photonics in the Netherlands

Photonics is the key technology that uses the properties of light for a wide range of applications, such as sensing, data communication, and production technology. Within the photonics domain, there is a fast-growing market for integrated photonics, also known as Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs). These PICs miniaturize two or more photonics functions into a single chip to create smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient devices. The Netherlands is known worldwide for its highly dynamic environment for high-tech innovation, evident in the presence of large leading-edge innovative companies such as Philips. The high-tech landscape spans large companies to start-ups across many domains, also in the semiconductor field (ASML, NXP). With a proven track record in our high-tech and semiconductor industries, as well as our leading global R&D in waveguide technologies, the Dutch (integrated) photonics sector has been building in prominence over the last few decades.

Dutch photonics technology

Today, the Netherlands offers a robust end-to-end value chain for (integrated) photonics, from design and fabrication to packaging, testing and application development. A growing number of industries are looking to incorporate Dutch photonics technology into their solutions as designers tackle evermore global challenges. Examples are the expansion of 5G data networks and sustainable data centers, safer autonomous driving vehicles, affordable healthcare, and more efficient food production.


Technological developments are taking place at a rapid pace, and innovation is essential. Dutch companies and institutes need to collaborate within the international market to accelerate photonic-based innovation and speed up time-to-market.
It is said that the twentieth century was the century of the electron. If the twenty-first century is to be the century of the photon, then this is the chance to realize new opportunities together.

Dutch participants

We are proud to present the Dutch participants of Photonics West 2024.  This exhibition will show the complete Dutch photonics ecosystem, with the entire value chain represented. Partly in the Holland High Tech Pavilion in Hall F, partly as separate companies on the show.