Carla Camp

Are you fascinated by the extraordinary world of light and its endless possibilities? 💡 🌈 Do you have a background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)? Then join the CARLA Camp photonics career event on Thursday 5th of October. 👇

Here’s what you can expect:

✔️ Explore diverse career paths in the photonics industry

✔️ Learn about photonics applications in medical, food, automotive, and data & telecom fields

✔️ Connect with experts from academia and industry

✔️ Immerse Yourself in the ASML Experience Center


Note: The event is part of Optica’s three-day High Tech Exchange in Eindhoven.


See you there! 👋✨



Photonics improves the well-being of our world by exploiting the unique properties of light, which can be found at the core of daily products and technologies such as smartphones, laptops, the Internet, medical instruments, telecommunications, and lighting technology. Considered a Key Enabling Technology (KET) for Europe’s future prosperity by the European Commission, it is calculated that 20-30% of the entire economy and 10% of the workforce in Europe already depends on photonics technologies. Nevertheless, skill shortages in Europe are damaging the growth prospects of companies and the continent’s economy.

To support the growth, leadership and innovation potential in this area, Europe needs more well prepared professionals. CARLA is creating a rigorous and tested instrument to address this need at the source.


  • A strongly coordinated instrument

  • Designed with the input of all photonics stakeholders, including industry, academia, entrepreneurs, policymakers and HR and training experts as well as from the potential users (university students and early-stage researchers), using a “top-down, bottom-up” approach

  • Tested and assessed by different institutions and countries to ensure viability across Europe

  • Available to and replicable by the European photonics community

so that it

  • Boosts the numbers of students and early-stage researchers pursuing careers in photonics

  • Encourages innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Empowers diversity in Photonics

For Whom

  • CARLA is aimed at university students as well as early-stage researchers from photonics and non-photonics focused areas. It will give them a peek into the vast opportunities that the photonics careers landscape offers and provide them with a roadmap for better employability.