Innovation mission integrated photonics to Taiwan.

As the largest semiconductor production site, Taiwan is indispensable in the development of integrated photonics and advanced semiconductor packaging.

When: 4 – 8 September (Monday to Friday) 

For whom?

This innovation mission is intended for professionals from Dutch governments, industries and knowledge institutions who work on integrated photonics and/or advanced packaging of semiconductors.

Goals of the mission

The goals of the mission are to achieve a number of things.

Exploring and finding potential partners for joint research, development and commercialization of technological innovations within the production of:

  • photonic chips;
  • advanced packaging;
  • heterogeneous integration and chiplet technology;
  • compound semiconductor materials; and
  • applications such as LIDAR, medical sensing and health monitoring.

Strengthening bilateral cooperation between government, industry and knowledge institutions.

Developing bilateral arrangements and programs in support of bilateral cooperation.

Concept program

The program is still under development, but it will be included to try to achieve some specific wishes of you as a participant as much as possible.


The costs for participation in the innovation mission are € 250 per person. This includes:

  • participation in the collective program;
  • transfers to and from program components;
  • Lunch and dinners if stated in the program.

Participation excludes:

  • cost of travel and lodging;
  • all individual costs;
  • possible costs for the matchmaking.

To register

Would you like to participate in this innovation mission? Register before Thursday, May 18, via the online registration form.

More information is here.